How Romney lost the election

Mitt Romney lost the election due to voter suppression. In not one of our 50 states is his base, a base that is a minority but large enough to that changed the results of the election, allowed to vote. “Corporations are people my friend” Romney said during the primaries and the US Supreme Court has backed up that opinion with the Citizens United decision. People, citizens, are allowed to vote in this country. If Corporations are indeed people they can easily prove citizenship with their “birth certificates” the Articles of Incorporation filed in court when they were created. If American corporations are people they should have the right to vote.

If course the entire idea that corporations should share the same rights as human beings is contemptible. Like the 3/5th Rule in the original Constitution it is simply a ploy to grant those already wealthy and powerful even more power at the expense of America’s “one person one vote” ideal. The problem is it could work. The Supreme Court has already given “corporate persons” the right of free speech. All that is needed now is for someone to argue in court that voting is simply an extension of our free speech rights.

The idea of corporate “personhood” as idiotic as it sounds and it is an idea that threatens our freedom.


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