An open letter to all the politicains sending me emails

Dear (insert politicians name here),

Thank you for the opportunity to win a chance to meet you. But, um, please remember you are not a rock star or a Hollywood star. I send you money to get you elected so you can work for my interests, not because I have any desire to meet you or hang out with you. Do your job by representing my interests and I will continue to support you with the money I can spare and with my vote. Please remember that I live near Main Street not Wall Street. I don’t mind if you help them as long as you are not harming me at the same time.

So, again, I am not interested in meeting you. If you simply represent my interests we are good and I will be happy to vote for you and support you with what resources I can.

Just to remind you, in case you have forgotten what my interests are, or never paid attention, I will give you a quick rundown.

1. Have jobs available that allow me to support my family without having to resort to charity or government programs. Remember those 1950s television families where one parent was able to stay home with the kids? Aim for that.

2. I want my family and friends free to walk down the street, go shopping, go to a movie, knock on a door without being shot.

3. If they are shot I want their assailant prosecuted, not allowed to walk free thanks to some magic get out of jail free phrase like “I felt threatened”

4. I don’t want to have to worry about loosing my job and my home because some greedy banker found a new way to loot the economy. Providing for national security means protecting us from internal threats as well as external ones.

5. I don’t want to loose my home because of medical bills. Sure the ACA will hurt a lot of bankruptcy lawyers, I don’t care. Improve it but don’t try to kill it.

6. Members of my extended family have, do, and will serve in the military. If you send them into harms way make damn sure it is worth their lives and the lives of the people they will need to kill.

7. Don’t waste my money but don’t let the nation fall apart from neglect. If there is a large enough need for a road or a bridge to justify the expense then build it and maintain it. Always use sealed bids, always require a performance bond. The same applies to the military. If the need is real buy it and maintain it but we don’t need to have a military bigger than the entire rest of the world. If we don’t have anyone standing with us we are doing something terribly wrong.

8. Put the blindfold back on justice. Laws should not have different consequences based on the color of someones skin or the size of their bank accounts.

9. I have no problem with means testing benefits as long as taxes are also means tested. No one should have to miss a meal to pay their taxes.

10. Just because “it is good for GM” (or any other corporation) does not mean it is good for America. Be skeptical of every back slapping good old boy (or girl) that tries to give you advice, ask what is in it for them. Vote for what is best for the lives of your constituents.

Work towards my priorities and I will vote for you and support you as I can. Don’t worry about upsetting any special interest. We the people are the only ones that get to decide if you keep your job. Don’t worry about losing a big donor, do what is right for us. After all there will always be other special interests willing to throw money at you.


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